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Lars-Erik Robinson

Illustrator, Arts and Crafts

Hi, I'm Lars-Erik Robinson. I make your visions and dreams come true!

Lars-Erik Robinson's Bio:

Lars-Erik Robinson has collaborated with clients on thousands of well-received commercial and editorial illustrations, live and studio caricatures or portraits, site-specific murals, and graphic/web design projects. Taught hundreds of art students, in groups and as individuals, of varying ages and skills. His goals in education is to provide the knowledge and experiences that are desired of the students in an environment that provides humor, comfort, and high-self esteem. Created and manage a thriving art/entertainment company that combines caricature/portrait art with highly creative entertainment at festivals, corporate events, and parties. Mission: To continue to provide: excellent commercial illustrations and marketing for local and national clients; enjoyable art entertainment experiences; meaningful group and individual art instruction with great results for my students; and to gain more experience in film and animation arts. Always looking for a chance to work for a company full time in a any related customer service, art and design fashion.

Lars-Erik Robinson's Experience:

  • Freelance Illustrator at Think Tank Studios

    I worked on several project when they are in need of creative ideas, or Illustrations for their clients.

  • Freelance Artist at

    I provided Caricature entertainment at their company picnic.

  • Meeting Booster at Valet Waste

    I created Caricatures of all employees while they had there yearly meeting and received a great testimonial from my Client. This was a sub contracted Job with my agent Tammi with the "Lars-Erik Robinson was absolutely phenomenal! Everyone loved having him here and was an absolute delight to work with him. It was like he was a part of our team and the meeting. He was so beyond worth the money spent and his work is outstanding! Thank you! Laura Heintz Executive Assistant

  • Freelance Illustrator at Tucker/Hall

    Boosted Moral with in the work place. 'Provided a gift for retirement of an employee Caricature Portrait with a lady sitting at a computer desk, with alot of details of her personalities, likes, dislikes etc.

  • Freelance Illustration at Accenture

    Gift Illustration Caricature

  • Editorial Illustrator at The American Specrator

    Provide Freelance Illustration for covers and articles

  • Illustrator at BASS ANGLER magazine

    I created Illustrations for articles in the magazine.

  • Freelance Artist at DST Output

    I have been providing the company my live Caricature art to help the build traffic to their booth, to help them sell their services to new prospects, and also keep current clients. Job is contracted the-nose.

  • Chef, Catering at Brookdale Senior Living

    Provide food service for residents and visitors of the companies largest community. I am well known for not only my high quality taste of food, but also my plate presentation is known to be creative. I love talking to the residents and treat all kitchens with high standards. Catering is where I thrive with table presentations, accurate branding, and speed of service. In charge of dietary menus for 5 star dining, assistant living, alzheimer's, and nursing homes.

  • Freelance Artist, Entertainment Provider, Art Teacher at City of Largo

    Rendering of locations based of blue Prints, Entertainment for city events, teach a class on Caricature art

  • Entertainment Organizer/Live Caricature Artist/Personal Chef at LarsER Entertainment

    From one to several dozen Caricature/sketch artist at once. On top of the quality artist we also organizes any type of entertainment service to fit any type of event with (but not limited to) Music (live bands, Dj's), Magic (strolling or live), Face and Body Painting, One-Man shows, Dancers, Uni-Cyclist, Characters, Clowns, Balloon twisters, Mimes, Living Statues Catering, and Personal Chefs. The "All Around Art & Entertainment" can be used at Conventions, festivals, parties, corporate, birthdays, weddings, Bar/Bat mitzvahs you name it we provide it. It is always a unique and affordable art-entertainment option. experiences!

  • Artist/Owner at LarsERArts

    Commercial and Editorial Illustration Caricatures (Studio) High end Portraits, Logo/Branding Air-brushing, Site-specific Murals Cartooning, Fine art, Sculpting, Animator, Character development, Storyboard artist, Signs (Traditional and Vinyl) Graphic/Webdesign Filmmaker

  • Art Educator at LarsER Teach

    Art training for all-ages, Online, in groups or as private instruction.

Lars-Erik Robinson's Education:

  • schoolism

  • Ringling College of Art and Design

    Concentration: Illustration, Minor in Computer Graphics

Lars-Erik Robinson's Interests & Activities:

Drawing, Painting, Caricature, Cooking, Editorial, Children's Books, Family, Pets, Christian

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